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from my album UGLY

Pleroma (/pləˈrōmə/, noun) is the name of the spiritual universe in Gnosticism, meaning "the fullness" or "the world of light."


ALICEN GREY: Music, direction, editing, costumery.


Special thanks to Casey Kimble and Tiare Zinefsky for providing some of the paranormal footage.


from my album RUN RABBIT RUN!

A song-story about a reckoning with God.


 ALICEN GREY: Producer, Performer, Costume Designer


KYLE BROOKS: Director, Videographer, Editor 

Mysteries of the Rabbit

to accompany my album RUN RABBIT RUN!

A 7-part presentation on the 7 dimensions of the rabbit archetype, illustrated by the lives and works of "rabbit people" (Jyeshtha and Anuradha natives).

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