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Legit Bat Podcast

A truly mind-blowing conversation about zombies, flat Earth, psychic dreams, and everything in between.


How I Healed

We talked about my journey of healing from a lifetime of psychological and physical trauma inflicted upon my voice, and how I began making music on my own sovereign terms.


The Above the Bar Podcast

We talked transhumanism, art in the age of AI, “letting go and letting God,” and David Bowie’s faked death 😉


Tessa Lena Podcast

“Alicen is a sovereign soul, a seeker, a woman who is in touch with her powers and does not apologize for that.” 


Gorilla Radio | CFUV 101.9 FM – University of Victoria

“Exploring Paths to the Possible”: We talk about God, synchromysticism, astrology, Free Energy, and Life’s Biggest Questions. 


Frequent guest on

Post Woke Podcast
with Mickey Z.

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