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1:1 SymbolSpeak Guidance Session

A guided problem-solving session using my 4-Step SymbolSpeak Process

  • 1 h
  • 99 US dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

In this 1:1 Guidance Session, I will guide you through the process of solving an ongoing problem in your life using the methods I teach in my SYMBOLSPEAK course.* This guidance session is ideal for anyone who wants the help of someone "fluent in SymbolSpeak" to help them interpret a problem and integrate its soul medicine. You'll be working with someone who: - has a knack for interpreting symbols and "seeing life as a dream" - has 18+ years of Symbology knowledge to draw from - is well-practiced in asking genuinely open questions, rather than "leading" or "loaded" ones - strongly believes in YOUR ability and birthright to lead yourself to the Truth This session takes place on Zoom. With your permission, I will record the video call and send it to you afterwards. Upon booking, I'll send you a form where you may describe the situation you'd like to explore. This way you can "clue me in" in advance, so we can spend more time on the problem-solving part during our call. (When people start talking about problems in their life, they tend to ramble without realizing it, and I don't want you to lose any of the precious time you're paying for!) At the start of our call, we will set an intention. I will then guide you through the 4-Step SymbolSpeak Process, starting with an "open Question" to open your Inner Space to receive the answers you seek. From this open space, using whatever Method(s) you resonate with, we will engage in "Resonance Feedback," where I offer neutral interpretations of your personal Symbolscape and act as a "sounding board" for you to Resonate your way to the Symbolic Solution. And if there's a particular Step or Method in the process where you feel stuck or confused, don't worry! I have methods FOR the Methods, haha. So for example, if you get stuck on the "opening up to receive the answer" part of the Process, I have ways to gently facilitate helping you feel more open. This coaching session features exclusive techniques and methods that were not in the SYMBOLSPEAK course, so you could think of this session as "SymbolSpeak 2.0" where you'll learn even more than the course teaches! * If you haven't taken the SYMBOLSPEAK course, that's okay! Just let me know, and I will send a brief "info sheet" explaining everything you need to know before we start.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please give me 24 hours notice. Thank you!

Contact Details

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