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SYMBOLSPEAK: Decrypting and Rescripting Reality for Health, Wealth and Happiness

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The Unconscious is the part of you that has been fractured off from your Consciousness, damned to the shadows. This "Lost Self" desperately longs for reintegration, so it broadcasts its messages through "the language of symbols" in the hopes of getting your Conscious attention. However, most people don't understand how to recognize and interpret these messages. So the Unconscious's pleas go unheard, resulting in negative behavioral patterns and chronic, ongoing issues we can't seem to "figure out" or "break through"... so the suffering continues. As it is often said: "Until you make the Unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." But rather than allowing the Unconscious to call the shots from the shadows, you may learn SYMBOLSPEAK to open a dialogue between your Unconscious and Conscious to finally understand what was causing you distress, heal the rift in your psyche, and catalyze deep healing for all facets of your being and in all realms of your life. This course clarifies: - what is meant by "Conscious" and "Unconscious," and how these states of being determine our reality - how the Unconscious mind uses symbols to draw attention to unresolved pain and unfulfilled desires, resulting in negative behaviors, distressing beliefs, and "blockages" in life - how to interpret your life like a grand work of Art or a Dream, by identifying the symbolism contained within the Unconsciously-created patterns you wish to change - GNOSIS: methods for intuitively interpreting your Unconscious mind's symbolic messages for yourself, so you won't need to rely on other people's conflicting ideas about "what symbols mean" (which nobody can decide for you anyway) - MAGICK: devising a personal ritual, protective talisman, or other symbolic tool to bring resolve to the "psychic conversation" in order to heal once and for all My intention is to give you the tools you need to lead yourself to the Truth, Healing and Fulfillment you desire.

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