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How does the SYMBOLSPEAK
course work?

SYMBOLSPEAK is course comprised of 37 videos, each with an accompanying transcript for your convenience. This includes 4 short bonus lessons and 3 supplementary essays as well, for those interested in expanding their knowledge beyond the central premise of the course. The duration is approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, not including he time it takes to read the optional supplementary material. You may adjust the video playback speed to be faster or slower.

SYMBOLSPEAK is organized into two sections:

  1. First there's THE THEORY, which lays out all the basic information you need about The Conscious and Unconscious, what Symbols are and the role they play in the human mind, and so on.

  2. Then there's THE PRACTICE, wherein I demonstrate how to apply the SymbolSpeak process to solve problems in your life. You could consider this a course in "how to do magick," with a very logical and well-reasoned approach that even "non-spiritual" people will appreciate.

The course is self-paced, meaning you can start and finish it whenever you want. The hosting platform allows you to save your progress as well, so you won't lose track of where you left off.

What if I'm not ready to commit to SYMBOLSPEAK?

My mini-course, QUESTIONS: THE KEY TO THE UNIVERSE, is actually a stand-alone excerpt taken directly from SYMBOLSPEAK.

The QUESTIONS course is 22 minutes in length, so you can take QUESTIONS to get a "taste" of what SYMBOLSPEAK is like.

Then, when you're ready to graduate to SYMBOLSPEAK, you can use the discount code given at the end of QUESTIONS to subtract the price of QUESTIONS from your purchase of SYMBOLSPEAK, so you're not paying for the same content twice.

What if I'm not into magick / astrology / spirituality / etc. ?

Anyone can take these courses! I did my best to make the content accessible and applicable by anyone.

Because Symbols are universally significant to the human psyche, they are intrinsically secular; meaning, they don't "belong" to any particular religious or spiritual tradition, and you don't have to hold particular beliefs in order to understand and interpret them.

The Symbols that are relevant in your personal Symbolscape became relevant to you based on your life experiences. So if you've experienced your life through a secular worldview, for example, your Symbolscape will reflect that. This means anybody and everybody has the ability to learn SymbolSpeak and benefit from it.

What do you mean "we create our reality"?

While I do personally believe we each contribute to the creation of reality (which is an elaborately interwoven collective consciousness, or Uni-Verse [literally: "one collection of thoughts"]), I recognize and appreciate that not everybody agrees with this, or that we may disagree over the degree to which we create our reality.

Rest assured that I've designed my courses with this in mind. Thus, rather than trying to prove to you that reality is a field of consciousness, I've constructed the course to be accessible through the notion that your particular experience of reality is filtered through your consciousness. So "you create your reality" insofar as you perceive your reality.

This is to say that even if you reject the notion of "manifestation," you can absolutely still benefit from taking SYMBOLSPEAK.

Admittedly, QUESTIONS leans more towards the "manifestation" side of things, but again, I stand by the value of the information shared therein, and the potential that it has to benefit you.

Can SymbolSpeak help with my [insert health issue here]?

I can't, and don't, promise cures. But I can tell you that SymbolSpeak has helped me heal from a wide variety of physical and mental health issues, and it has helped many of my friends as well.


All enduring medicine traditions (such as Ayurveda, TCM, etc.) are founded on the notion that our Consciousness is what heals us. Even modern Western medicine must acknowledge The Placebo Effect (or the phenomenon of people healing solely from the belief that they're taking medicine, when they're actually just taking a "placebo" or symbolic treatment).

Symbolic Acts like the taking of medicine, eating special diets, or being punctured by needles, are not themselves the healing agent, but rather, they are the catalyst for the shift in Consciousness that is necessary for healing to occur. This is because Symbolic Acts "speak" directly to the highly symbolic Unconscious mind, which is where one's reality — including one's health — manifests from.

This is why I believe SymbolSpeak is the common thread between all healing modalities.

Additionally, my course strongly emphasizes personal Sovereignty and the ability to make up your own mind about how to heal yourself. There's not a "right way" or "wrong way" to apply my teachings, because my teaching is that your way is the way.

That said, sovereignty necessitates responsibility, and like any endeavor, one must be willing to take full responsibility for the potential consequences of their decisions, including the decision to heal oneself. I do not promise cures, nor do I intend to replace the role of any accredited professionals in your life. Instead, I offer perspectives; what you do with those perspectives is up to you, and only you.

See the Disclaimer page for more.

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