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Price: $22

self-paced, approx. 22 minutes, lifetime access

This mini-course is an excerpt from
my longer course, SYMBOLSPEAK

I noticed that the "How to Ask Questions" section of SYMBOLSPEAK could stand alone as its own course

— so I turned it into one!


This course will teach you:

Skeleton key that opens universal doors to other dimensions
WHAT questions are

"Ask and ye shall receive" is a cosmic law.
If you ask, you WILL receive.

This is because Questions are energetic master keys that open the door to any  and every dimension you desire.

Skeleton key that opens universal doors to other dimensions
WHY questions work

I go deep on the metaphysics of Questions — how they're able to affect the subtle realms, transfigure your mind, break old patterns,and catalyze the manifestation of ANYthing you want!

Skeleton key that opens universal doors to other dimensions
HOW to ask questions

Most people don't get what they want because they're asking the wrong questions.

I'll teach you how to avoid this mistake & optimize your questions for full creative power! I'll also teach you how to recognize when you've received the Answer you seek.


This 22-minute crash-course on the cosmic power of QUESTIONS is perfect for...

  • anyone who's into "manifestation" (a.k.a. the Law of Attraction)

  • anyone who's trying to find a solution to a problem or having trouble making a decision

  • anyone who's ready for their life to shift in a new direction

  • anyone who's ready to learn how to get in touch with their own inner guidance system, or Intuition

  • anyone who'd like to experience my teaching style before going all-in on SYMBOLSPEAK


... So basically, anyone :)

Ready to get what you want?

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