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ON UGLYNESS and THE SECRETS OF THE ANGLERFISH is a 2-part e-book of prose and poetry, written as a companion to my musical album, UGLY*.


The first part, "ON UGLYNESS," explores the difference between True Beauty and false beauty, the relationship between Perception and Truth, and the role that Uglyness plays in the evolution of the soul.


The second part, "THE SECRETS OF THE ANGLERFISH," interprets the mysterious symbolism of the deep sea anglerfish: her deep-water queendom; her headlight; her gaping jaw; her permanent physical fusion with the male; and more. These meditations provide profound insights on God, Love, Desire, Sexuality, Gender, and other esoteric concepts.


For those curious about my SymbolSpeak course: this brief book demonstrates how "SymbolSpeak" can be applied to an object of fear (in my case, the deep sea anglerfish) in order to receive its hidden medicine, and to integrate the Lost Self (which the object of fear represents) back into Consciousness.


106 pages. 12,800 words.


* Another option: if you purchase the album, this e-book will be included as a free gift.


** The print version of this book will be available on Amazon as of February 2024.


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