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Decrypting and Rescripting Reality
for Health, Wealth and Happiness

my comprehensive course on how to speak "the language of symbols"
to radically change your life.


My name is Alicen Grey.

I've been sharing my heArt online since 2014.


In that time, I've had many titles:
Writer, Musician, Magickian, Performance Artist...


And my work has had many focuses:
politics, culture, spirituality...


I have been many people, and lived many lives. ​​


On the surface, my different identities may have seemed unrelated — my moves, unpredictable.​


But when you step back to look at the Bigger Picture, you can see the unwaveringly consistent intention behind it all:

to define myself, to clarify my message, and 
to distill the medicine I was born to share with the world. 


That medicine is SymbolSpeak. 


What is SymbolSpeak?

Symbology is the interpretation and application of symbolism.​


SymbolSpeak is the Key to the Universe.


​If you can understand how to decipher symbols,
you can understand


Your health. Your relationships. Your desires, fears, ambitions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors...​


The study of Symbology is a sacred path to profound healing


on every level of Self
(physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental)


and in every area of Life
(work, relationships, friendships, etc.)​


I know this because I've been deeply immersed in Symbology for 18 years, all the while refining my knowledge into something that can be easily shared and methodically applied.


Now, I'm ready to teach you what I've learned.


Who am I to teach you?

I am someone who has earned my knowledge,

not by parroting the works of others (like Carl Jung or other popular symbologists),
but through direct experience only.

I have successfully applied SymbolSpeak to:

My desire is to show you how to interpret Symbols too — so that you may lead yourself to Truth and improve your Life.


Ready to dive deep with me?

Take my course,

Decrypting and Rescripting Reality for Health, Wealth and Happiness

This course will teach you self-empowering, gnosis-based methods for how to find out what's blocking you from living the life of your WILDest dreams — and then actually remove those blockages once and for all!

If you want to "test drive" the course first, you can join QUESTIONS: THE KEY TO THE UNIVERSE, which is a mini-course taken directly from SymbolSpeak.

You can also have fun exploring my Shop, where I offer guided meditations and other e-books.

I will also offer 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and in-person workshops in the near future.

Get on my mailing list to get notified about these offerings.

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